We extend your company’s voice across all platforms.



Digital Delivery

Utilization of Email/Mobile/Web/SMS for targeted delivery.

Pierry Software understands that in today’s fast moving tech world it simply is not enough for companies to reach out to customers on only one single platform. This is why we work to extend your companies reach on all platforms including targeted email marketing, mobile app development, website design and SMS texting.


Data Analytics

Turning raw data into actionable campaigns.

Pierry Software takes the information accumulated from our digital delivery system and brings it all together to determine the efficiency of your marketing campaign and how it can be optimized for better results.


Social Journey

Build a 1 to 1 marketing program.

We can capture social media data and use that information to create a marketing strategy that delivers a personalized message to your company’s subscriber list. This strategy helps to build a personalized experience for every one your customers.


eCommerce Engine

Creating a client profile by identifying shopping habits.

Pierry Software helps companies determine their customer’s wants and needs by identifying what their shopping habits are. With this information we build a profile and execute a marketing campaign that fits each customers specific needs.

MaaS (Marketing as a Solution)

Pierry’s MaaS process is a way for companies to expand their marketing department by utilizing the latest technology without the need to hire more employees or invest in extensive training programs.

Customized Programs

We put together a comprehensive program based on your company’s specific needs, ultimately bringing the best results for you.


(Our Success is Your Success)

We offer companies a Proof of Concept (POC) to show the effectiveness of the Pierry method before obligating your company to any annual or long-term contracts. We are confident that Pierry will help your company become more successful & profitable through our MaaS method.

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Pierry offers companies an opportunity to work with us on a performance-based model built around the unique needs of your company. This program yields the best results for both parties involved without the need for payment up front.

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